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Eleven tracks recorded between 1981-2009. Only three tracks were ever available previously, and 8 have been newly remastered. There are two solo guitar numbers, 4 flamenco group numbers and 5 salsa group numbers. Hear the beginnings of Flamenco Latino in 1981, "We Ain't Doin' Nothin' New," and "Ya Se Va" with Basilio, Aurora, Liliana Morales, Miguel A. Santiago, Jr, our favorite conguero to this day, and the extraordinary flute of Amy Malina. There are cuts recorded in Madrid in 1986 with Fain Sanchez Dueñas, who went on to found Radio Tarifa, and unique music from 3 different shows produced by Thalia Spanish Theatre in 2003, 2005 and 2009. Other artists include Sean Kupisz, Alfonso Cid, Rex Benincasa, Tony Tonks, Lorenzo Azcona, Lisa Crowder, Jed Miley, Octavio Brunetti, and Mark Holen. Early recordings from a couple low-end studios, and others from live performance, the music stands up to time.

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The Florida Tour (NF005CD) is an exciting live representation of the 2002 Flamenco Latino show, complete with the sounds of footwork, palmas, castanets, cante, guitar, bass and percussion. Selections include Sevillanas, Alegrías, Caña, Tangos de Malaga, Guajiras, El Vacilón, Spain, Bamboleo, El beso/Viva España, Torero, Más allá que el danzón-cha, Soleá por bulerías, We Ain't Doin' Nothin' New, El yoyo, Nueva York tiene su aire and Fin de fiesta (70 min. total).

Re-release coming mid 2015


Cante Flamenco en Nueva York by Luis Vargas with Basilio Georges (NF007CD)

A compliation is in the works of four cantes recorded live by Vargas at the Cante Festival 1995, held at GuitarStage at the American Institute of Guitar in New York City and six cantes in 2007 at Flamenco Latino Studio Theater, both accompanied by Basilio Georges.

Luis Vargas is one of three great cantaores living in New York who are fuentes of Flamenco cante. From Algeciras, he has been involved in the business for over 50 years and has toured the United States widely with Jose Greco and Maria Benitez over the last 25 years. He is the singer backing up Maria Alba's dance company on a Sabicas video filmed in the late 60s and offered through Alegrías Productions. Luis' knowledge of pure and traditional styles is very broad, and as a singer backing up dancers he rarely has the opportunity to display more than a small portion of his repertoire.

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