The Florida Tour (NF005, CD) is an exciting live representation of the 2002 Flamenco Latino show, complete with the sounds of footwork, palmas, castanets, cante, guitar, bass and percussion. Selections include Sevillanas, Alegrías, Caña, Tangos de Malaga, Guajiras, El Vacilón, Spain, Bamboleo, El beso/Viva España, Torero, Más allá que el danzón-cha, Soleá por bulerías, We Ain't Doin' Nothin' New, El yoyo, Nueva York tiene su aire and Fin de fiesta (70 min. total).
$15+postage & handling*

Aperitivos Pa' El Oido (NF003, cassette tape only) is a Flamenco Latino sampler including Salsa and Gipsy Kings style group numbers, along with three guitar duo numbers. Basilio Georges and Aurora Reyes are featured singers on the group numbers. Instrumentation includes 2 flamenco guitars, bass, flute, trumpets, congas, timbales, bongos and palmas. Salsa: Tengo El Idde, guaracha/ mambo, La Roncona, cumbia, and El Moreno, a merengue. Also included: Flamenco Latino's version of Bamboleo and Ole y Ole. The second side features duo numbers double-tracked by Basilio: Besame Mucho, Liberté and Malagueña, all done in modern Rumba Flamenca style.
$10.00 + postage & handling*

Guerra, Amor y Campanas (NF001, cassette tape only), original composition commissioned by Carlota Santana Spanish Dance for the company's 1988 season at Symphony Space in New York City. The work was choreographed by Luis Montero and is a Flamenco ballet inspired by Hemingway's novel For Whom the Bell Tolls. The cassette features Basilio Georges and Pedro Cortes on guitar and Francesca Vanasco on cello. Basilio overdubbed upright bass and synthesized flute, vibraphone and percussion tracks. The length is 35 minutes and segues from section to section using Flamenco toques such as bulerías, siguiriyas and soleá por bulerías as its foundations. Interesting use of tonality to create the moods of scenes based on this Spanish Civil War story. Basilio also used Manolo Sanlucar's Medea as a model during the creation of this project.
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Cante Flamenco by Luis Vargas with Basilio Georges (NF004, now in CD) (Taking orders for Vol. 2, recorded Oct 2007). Four cantes recorded live by Vargas at the Cante Festival 1995, held at GuitarStage at the American Institute of Guitar in New York City. Luis Vargas is one of three great cantaores living in New York who are fuentes of Flamenco cante. From Algeciras, he has been involved in the business for over 50 years and has toured the United States widely with Jose Greco and Maria Benitez over the last 25 years. He is the singer backing up Maria Alba's dance company on a Sabicas video filmed in the late 60s and offered through Alegrías Productions. Luis' knowledge of pure and traditional styles is very broad, and as a singer backing up dancers he rarely has the opportunity to display more than a small portion of his repertoire. At 68 years of age, this recording features him in excellent form, demonstrating many variations por cantiñas, soleares, fandangos and tangos. Two solos are included by Basilio Georges, a bulerías and a tarantas.
$15.00 + postage & handling*

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