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Basic Alternative Theater Minimum Rental Rate Total: $350.00, Non-Profit $300.00

Includes 5 hr. (Typically, 1.5 hr set-up, 2.5 hr performance, 1.0 tear-down and clean-up.
Set-up and tear-down plus clean-up time is determined by Flamenco Latino when you have filled out the request form.)
If you have multiple dates, discounted daily rates may apply. Determined by detailed estimate of production.

Additional hours: $50/hr

Optional Services at increased hourly fees, or other types of fees:

  • Use of Studio C as a green room, or for receptions with food and beverages (additional $20/hr)
  • Moving theater lights from house position, or bringing in additional lighting instruments to use with 8-channel dimmer (Additional hours @ $50/hr, by estimate)
  • Use of Flamenco Latino microphones, and additional sound equipment (Additional set-up and tear-down, 2 hours @ $50.00/hr)
  • Use of portable pewter-colored curtains for a back-drop and/or teaser for stage-right wing (Additional set-up and tear-down, 1 hour @ $50.00/hr)
  • Use of Flamenco Latino staff for box office and credit card fee processing (1-2 staff @ $11/hr each, 7% of gross box office)

Request Form

IMPORTANT: download this form to your computer before you begin filling it in. Remember to Save all your work before emailing it to us. If you begin filling it in Online, none of your info will be saved when you email it.

Generic Event Contract


Space Is Likely to Work If: Space is Unlikely to Work If:
- Your event takes place on a Sat. starting at 9pm, or Sun. starting at 5:30pm - Your event is any type of party, or requires food and beverages in the Alternative Theater, or your event requires traffic in and out of the building after 10:45 pm.
- Set-up for your event starts no earlier than 7:30pm Sat., or 3:30pm Sun. Occasionally there are Sat. during the year when Set-up can start earlier, and when Fri. evening is available for an 8pm start. See calendar dates below. - Your event requires rehearsal or set-up time earlier than 7:30pm Sat. or 3:30pm Sun.
- If you are renting multiple dates, your events do not require any type of set or equipment left in place. Chairs, sound and any set or prop items can be quickly set and struck each day of rental. Any set or prop items are simple and do not have to be stored at Flamenco Latino. - Your event requires multiple days including Mon-Fri. There may be occasional dates when Set-up can start earlier on Sat. or Fri. is available for an 8pm event start. There are periods at end of Summer or end of Dec. start of Jan. when usage could include Mon.-Fri. dates. See calendar dates below, and inquire directly.
- No one in your audience expects to enter the building after 10:45 pm, and all attendees and cast members can leave between 11-12 pm at latest. - Your event requires a set, or props, that cannot be struck each night, or requires set and prop equipment which must be stored.
- Your cast is small and the two available dressing rooms are sufficient; otherwise you will have to rent Studio C as a green room. - Your cast is very large and exceeds the space available in the two dressing rooms and any use of Studio C as a green room (at additional charges).
- Your audience is no larger than 80, your cast and crew are no larger than 20, and your use of the stage area does not have to extend further than a depth of 14-15'. - Your total audience plus cast and crew will exceed 100 people.

In all cases, please note:

Flamenco Latino reception area and both Women's and Men's dressing rooms are very small, and the lobby area feels crowded when there are more than 10-15 people waiting for the performance to begin. Excessive amounts of audience waiting in the common areas of the building hallways can become a problem for other tenants on the 4th floor.

The building and space are wheel chair accessible; however, Flamenco Latino doorway and space angles, as well as entry and exit into Studio A+B, are somewhat wheel-chair-unfriendly, and not viable for wheel chair access at a crowded event.

Terms (coming)

Calendar Dates of Availability (coming)

  • Through most of the year, Studio A+B is unavailable Mon-Fri evenings due to use until 9:30 pm for dance classes. Availability is generally Sat evening and Sun late afternoon.
  • Lead time of one month required for booking.
  • Usage of lobby may require additional charges.
  • Usage of Studio C for green room, or reception requires additional charges.
  • No food or beverages allowed in Studio A+B. No sales of alcohol.

Stage Area Lit 1 (17'2" W x 15' D)

Stage Area Lit 2 (17'2" W x 15' D)

Stage Facing Out (78 chairs, 4 rows 9, 7 rows 6)

From Back of Room Facing Stage

Lighting Station with Separating Curtain

Facing Lit Stage from Left and Right

Position of Sound Station, Stage Right

Lights Stage Left, as seen from upstage. Two Source 4 Jr.'s

Mackie 1202 Mixer, 8-12 channels
Not Pictured: Peavy amp,
Ramsa speakers (10" driver, horn)

Lights Stage Left, as seen from upstage. Rose reflector lamp. Two Source 4 Jr.'s from above photo.

Elation Stage Pak1 DMX Board, 8 Channels, 2 lights per channel.
We have 6 lights.

Lights Stage Right. Source 4 Jr., White reflector lamp.

Alternative Set-up in center of North Wall,
seating spreads out east-west

Alternative Set-up. Two building support columns approximately 18' apart, 3 feet out from mirror. Horizontal set up uses columns to frame upstage area.

Click Image, YouTube video of Lotus Music & Dance production of "El Baile," by Alfonso Cid with Cristian Puig, Sol la Argentinita, Maya de Silva, Aurora Reyes, June 11, 2011


Studio C available for reception at additional rental fee.

For reservations call: 212-399-8519, flamlat@verizon.net


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