Click Image to left to see clip of June 11 performance
and use of stage area by Flamenco Latino

Minimum Rental Rate $350.00, Non-Profit $300.00

Includes 5 hr. (Typically, 1.5 hr set-up, 2.5 hr performance, 1.0 tear-down and clean-up)

Additional hours: $50/hr

Through most of the year, Studio A+B is unavailable Mon-Fri evenings. Availability is generally Sat evening and Sun late afternoon.

Lead time of one month required for booking.

Usage of lobby may require additional charges.

Usage of Studio C for green room, or reception requires additional charges.

No food or beverages allowed in Studio A+B. No sales of alcohol.


North Wall, mirrors, studio doors (total of 53' width)

Two building support columns approximately 18' apart, 3 feet out from mirror. Horizontal set up uses columns to frame upstage area.

Flamenco Latino uses approximately 13' depth from North wall before setting first row of chairs. Recital choreography from June 5, 2011. Performance area may include wider area in front of buidling columns, and extend deeper than 13' from North wall, but seating capacity will be proportionately limited.

East Wall, mirrors and ballet bars.

Performances may also use East wall (26 feet) as upstage, but installed theater lights will be ineffective in this direction.

Northeast corner, playback equipment, amp and mixer, house right speaker on tripod. Mackie 1202 mixer, 8-12 channels, only treble and bass equalization, Peavy 200w stereo amplifier, 5-bay carousel CD player, TEAC tape deck, iPod connector.

Seating from NW corner.

West Wall, mirrors and ballet bars.

NW corner: Piano, small amount of storage, house speaker left on wall.

Shot from SE corner.

Recital June 5, 2011 audience. Shot from West Wall.

Studio A+B with curtains over mirrors, facing W, facing NW and facing E.

All photos: Eric Bandiero

Additional Services

Use of certain equipment available, such as portable curtains (in older pictures below), extra sound equipment, or box office help with credit card processing will require additional hourly, or flat fees, and will involve hiring additional Flamenco Latino staff at $12.50/hr per staff member. Under certain scheduling circumstances first extra stage hand/usher may require rate of $15.00/hr. All hourly charges are calculated from set-up through tear-down and clean-up.

Equipment Available at Extra Staff Charges

Portable curtain backdrop (pewter in color), 14-30 feet wide by 10.5 feet tall. Two portable wing curtains 7-10 feet wide by 10.5 feet tall. Requires hiring 3 stage hands/ushers.

8 channel snake, one Yamaha 100w wedge powered monitor, mics and stands available, but requires hiring an additional stage hand/usher. Requires hiring 2 stage hands/ushers.

Rosco subfloor, sprung percussive dance stage in 14' by 7' set up or 10.5' by 10.5' set up. Requires hiring a minimum of 4 stage hands/ushers.

Performing area (2009, before track curtains over mirrors)
with upstage portable pewter curtain, two 15' segments. Two 10' single segment portable pewter curtains available as downstage wings (stage left wing is covering building column and is outside of lighting focus).

Small Studio available for reception at additional rental fee.

For reservations call: 212-399-8519,


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