Flamenco Latino is available for Lecture Demonstration Performances in schools , libraries or communitiy centers. Flamenco Latino is also available for private parties or corporate events. For both types of performances Flamenco Latino offers several combinations of two dancers (male and female when available), a flamenco singer and a guitarist.

The Lecture Demonstration Performance includes examples of traditional dances with and without castanets, explanations of cante, dance and guitar techniques and how they fit together, as well as historical and cultural background. Flamenco Latino also includes a section on the ida y vuelta (round trip) styles. This section discusses and demonstrates how flamenco has been influenced and has amalgamated certain melodic, structural and rhythmic concepts from contact with Latino countries since that late 1700s. Participation segments include palmas and arm movement from the audience as well as volunteers picked to learn dance steps and perform a short number at the end of the show. Length 45-60 min.

Lecture demos in some venues may be performed by 2 professional artists and supplemented with 2-4 of Flamenco Latino's most talented cante, guitar and dance students. This format may be more economical for the client, but there may be scheduling and venue restrictions.

Performances at private parties and corporate events usually are 30-40 minutes in duration and include a variety of 5-6 lively, up tempo numbers featuring 2-4 professional artists.


Flamenco Latino's musicians, directed by Basilio Georges, are highly skilled and have an extremely broad range of styles. Many clients have come to Flamenco Latino looking for the following combinations of music formats for corporate parties, wedding cocktails or dances where a small group is appropriate:

  • Solo flamenco guitar
  • Flamenco guitar duo
  • Flamenco guitar duo with cajón, or flamenco guitar, bass and cajón


  • All fees include performance fees for each artist with payroll tax and reporting requirements rolled in.
  • Clients who are trying to save on costs may consider hiring each artist individually as an independent contractor; however, the trade-off for reduced artist fees means getting a referral ONLY from Flamenco Latino, and drawing up a separate agreement with each artist individually.
  • Transportation for sound equipment is an additional expense.
  • Any venues which are further distance from Manhattan than the nearest neighborhoods of Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx may require small additional increases to the base fees for each artist.
  • Any travel time for performances in the Tri-State area outside of NY is calculated at a flat fee additional charge per artist, and is calculated per actual estimated hour in traffic, not distance.


Call 212-399-8519, or email us at for more information.

Click on the clip that you would like to hear. Clips are presented in a high-bandwidth format (better sound quality, larger file) and low-bandwidth format (faster download, poorer sound quality). All clips are in .mp3 format, which can be played by most major media players.

Clip Title High Bandwidth Low Bandwidth
Bulerías (solo guitar) 588 KB 147 KB
Camino que llevo (tanguillo, small group) 491 KB 123 KB
Caña (small group) 513 KB 129 KB
Liberte (rumba, guitar duo) 521 KB 130 KB
Malagueña (rumba, guitar duo) 510 KB 128 KB
Spain (small group) 513 KB 129 KB
Torero (rumba, small group) 537 KB 134 KB
Vengo de borrachera (rumba, small group) 515 KB 129 KB


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