Since inception over 34 years ago, Flamenco Latino's professional company has explored and developed the genre known as Ida y Vuelta. This "Round Trip" genre had its birth during the late 18th century, when Spain and other countries in Europe were influenced by Latino dance and music, most notably the Cuban Habanera and Rumba, which led to flamenco tangos, tanguillo and rumba.

Flamenco Latino's interpretation of Ida y Vuelta has included exploration of flamenco guajiras and many rumba styles, such as Peret, Bambino and the Gipsy Kings. It has also created many unusual amalgamations referencing mambo, cha-cha, danzon, bomba y plena, cumbia and merengue. Drawing on Basilio Georges' early professional career as a jazz musician, the music has reflected many jazz harmonic and improvisatory concepts.

With such a career reference, Flamenco Latino produced a great deal of exciting and innovative repertoire presented in Seasons at Pace University and the Duke Theater, and through touring from 1997 to 2006. It has gone even further with collaborations at Thalia Spanish Theatre from 2003-2009, where Director Angel Gil Orrios involved Flamenco Latino to interpret of the art of Picasso through plays written by the artist, and through "Amor Latino," a musical involving both tap and flamenco.

Since aquiring its Studio Theater space in 2006, Flamenco Latino has presented its most innovative concepts in-house, the most recent being "La Rumba Cubana y Flamenca" and the Blues-inspired "Flamenco Wit' Grit" done in 2012. It's next venture, planned for July 2015, is "Flamenco Gumbo," which draws on the music and culture of the northern-most Caribbean city, New Orleans.


Guitarist/singer Basilio Georges brings both a distinct and broad background to the execution and arrangement for the group. His experience as both a Flamenco guitarist and as a Salsa musician give him a dual perspective and a clear advantage for producing compositions with authenticity as a goal. Over the past 19 years he has composed and arranged 30 pieces for Flamenco Latino, 5 pieces for the Carlota Santana Spanish Dance Company and 10 pieces for Andrea Del Conte Danza España.
Basilio has studied guitar in Madrid, Seville, and New York and has accompanied such artists as Rafael Fajardo and Concha Vargas in the U.S; La Tati, Faico, Ciro, and Manolete in dance studios; and many canta'ores such as Juanele de jerez, Marcelino Sanchez and Antonio Benamargo in various Flamenco peñas in Madrid.
His recordings include "Apertivos Pa' El Oido" with Flamenco Latino, "Guerra, Amor y Campanas" which was the music for a Carlota Santana Spanish Dance project, "La Reina del Nilo" with singer/dancer La Conja and "Cante Flamenco" with singer Luis Vargas. His guitar work was featured in the soundtrack of Almodovar's "High Heels" and he participated in the 1992 Broadway revival of "Man of La Mancha." Basilio is on the staff at the American Institute of Guitar and teaches privately through Flamenco Latino.
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Aurora is a highly esteemed artist in both the flamenco communities of Spain and New York. Her abilities as both a dancer and singer, and willingness to experiment in collaboration with Basilio Georges has produced new forms of heelwork which authentically replicate the rhythms played in Latin music by the congas, bongos and timbales. Most of the current repertoire of Flamenco Latino has been choreographed by Ms. Reyes. She has been dancing flamenco for 23 years.

Aurora has toured with companies such as Jose Molina Bailes Españoles, worked at La Corral de la Pacheca tablao in Madrid and had a mentor relationship with La Tati. As a choreographer, she has been hired for three seasons by Andrea Del Conte Danza Espana to set pieces premiering at Dance Theater Workshop in Manhattan and the Thalia Theater in Sunnyside Queens. Her most recent piece "Dedicacion a las Americas" involved fusion of flamenco styles with the Argentine milongo, the Cuban guajiras and South American colombianas. Aurora offers group classes in flamenco held at the Kingsley Ballet Studio.

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