Jan 13-May 19, 2018

Taught by Aurora Reyes
on Sat. 12:00-1:00 pm


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All Children's classes held at:

Nola Studio
244 W. 54th St., 5th Floor
(betw. Broadway and 8th Ave.) or 646-667-7621





Aurora Reyes also teaches group flamenco and/or salsa residencies. See Lecture Demonstration Performances and Residencies

The photos below reflect Aurora Reyes' work with Partner Sites at Uptown Dance Academy and Once Upon A Time. These classes have explored the historical relationship between the flamenco art form and influences from Latino cultures known as la ida y vuelta ("round trip") forms. Participants had access to flamenco shoes and costumes, and are encouraged evert year to take part in Flamenco Latino recitals and performances. The most talented students will have an opportunity, as they mature, to become junior members in the dance company. For example, Tatiana Green, a a student of Aurora Reyes when she attended Partner Site Uptown Dance Academy went on to get a degree at Adelphi University, and has taught for Flamenco Latino Partner Sites, as well as performed with the professional company.

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Photos: Eric Bandiero

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