Guitar Group Classes with Basilio Georges

  • Different Levels based on students' pace of learning
  • Arrangements are oriented towards accompaniment of dance and cante students
  • Overview course for guitarists with or without previous flamenco guitar background, who are not sure how committed they are to learning flamenco long-term

Sample Tracks or purchase Basilio's CD "Retrospectiva Vol. 1: It's About Damn Time."

Visit Basilio's ReverbNation Page to hear music from a career spanning over 40 years.

This class programming has been made possible in part with public funds from the NYC Dept. of Cultural Affairs, in partnership with the City Council.

Guitar Private Classes

Palmas & Countertime


NEW LOCATION: All Flamenco Latino Guitar Group & Private Classes held at

Shetler Studios
250 W 54th St, 12th Fl. (betw B'way-8th Ave)
New York, NY 10019

Take elevator to 12th Fl. Guitar classes will be one flight up on Penthouse Floor. Look on the electronic displays for the exact Penthouse Studio room number.

Etiquette: Bring your own guitar. Be on time, studio rentals will not go over the prepaid time. No warming up in any public area of Shetler Studios or building hallways.

Guitar Class info: or 347-771-2440

SPRING 2017, Apr 3-July 1 (13 weeks)


If you are a new student, please speak with Basilio about background and level before making any transactions.

Advanced Beginner/Intermediate Flamenco Guitar

Tues 8:30-9:30 pm (4/4-6/27/17, 13 classes) - requires minimum 3 people enrolled

  • Basic knowledge of guitar and chords in open position required.
  • Learn right hand techniques and hand placement, how to absorb material more quickly
  • Basic chord shifts for all open position chords
  • hammers and pull-offs
  • scales, how the fretboard works
  • basic rasqueados
  • Best for players with no experience playing in compas, or trying to improve study habits; however, you must have some guitar background. Otherwise, you may need Private classes to keep up.
  • Full term enrollment by 3 people minimum.
  • Walk-ins permitted, but not advised. Irregular attendance may cause student to fall behind after only 2-3 weeks.

Advanced Flamenco Guitar

Tues 7:30-8:30 pm (4/4-6/27/17, 13 classes)

  • Students must already have flamenco material which they are trying to understand how to use for accompaniment.
  • Arrangements accompanying cante, ongoing repertoire.
  • Class will not spend much time showing new material or breaking down techniques.
  • Learn how to use existing rasqueados, falsetas and llamadas in your repertoire for accompaniment of cante or dance arrangements.
  • Basic rasqueado patterns in all palos, ongoing repertoire.
  • Technique exercises.

13-Pack, $299, no refunds or credit for missed classes
Walk-ins, $25
All payments by PayPal or cc over the phone must be prepaid. If paying by cash, bring exact change.

Please read all the group class info and the Schedule and Terms pdf downloads before making PayPal payments.

When paying by PayPal, you will NOT receive a printable class card after making payment, only a receipt. Notice of your payment will go directly to Flamenco Latino, and confirmation with details about the class you signed up for will be emailed back to you.

Please be careful to input your email WITHOUT TYPOS when you do the transaction with PayPal, or it will create problems for the confirmation of funds and delivery of services in our PayPal account.

Type of Plan

Flamenco Latino Info or 347-771-2440

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